Exercise Tips for Medical Students and Residents

There is a lot to deal with as a medical student. From tightly scheduled classes and late-hours revising to social obligations, it can be hard to find time to exercise. While this describes the situation for many, there are those medical students who still manage to get in shape and maintain proper weight by engaging in physical activities.

How important is exercising to you as a medical student?

1. It is healthy

The human body is designed in a way that it must keep moving to stay healthy. If you spend days or months in a lab working on projects that limit your movement, you will be encouraging the accumulation of fat in your body increasing the risks of diseases. Exercising is one of the most efficient ways to can control your weight and reduce the risks of illnesses that might harm your body in one way or another.

2. It will extend your lifespan

What is the point of spending 4 to 5 semester in a lab if it will reduce your lifespan? As a medical student, it is likely that you understand the risks associated with being inactive throughout your life. One fact is, it will not only interfere with how your body is functioning but may also make your immune system weaker. Exercising has been proven to improve the way our body functions and can help you keep away serious ailments.

3. It will make you feel much better

After spending hours in class or in the lab working on stressing projects, you need something that will help you forget all the pressures you have. Exercising will not only improve your fitness but will also work on your brain, elevating your mood and making you feel much better. It will also improve oxygen and blood circulation throughout your body reducing the risks of ailments.

It is no secret that exercising is ideal for everyone. However, we can’t do away with the fact not everyone gets the chance to step into a gym. Another fact is, not everyone who finds time to exercise, always benefit. The truth is, maintaining a workout routine can be daunting, especially if you have to deal with a lot in life. But this doesn’t imply that it is impossible. Exercising can be easier or hard depending on how you plan to go about it.

How to exercise effectively as a medical student?

Be consistent

You can’t go to a gym once and expect to see results. One mistake many students make is, creating a workout plan they know will conflict with their studies. As a result, they end up skipping weeks or even months without exercising. If you want to improve your consistency when exercising, have a timetable of all your weekly duties. Make sure that the time you are supposed to exercise doesn’t conflict with the time you are expected to study.

Make use of your morning hours

As mentioned earlier, medical students have a lot to do in one day. More often, their classes start at 5 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. after which, they are always too exhausted to do anything. If this is always your case, then it is time you started using your morning hours well.

Vary your workouts

Just like any other activity, repeating one exercise more often can be boring. And that is what you don’t need if you are trying to be consistent. If you want to keep enjoying your workouts, you need to figure out a routine that will allow you to perform different exercises at different times. For example, you if you did aerobics the previous day, make sure you are doing something else today. It can be weight lifting, yoga or anything else.


Being a medical student can be likened to a person working 8 to 12 days a week under a tight schedule. More often, you will be forced to spend your entire day in class or lab working on tough projects. While this will limit your free time, it doesn’t give you a better excuse to avoid exercising. Unless you are forced to study 24 hours, find a way to include a workout routine in your daily or weekly routine. It doesn’t have to be hard or boring. Lastly, include only exercises you can enjoy and most importantly, vary your workouts. Read Bikini Body Workouts review and don’t forget to eat healthy foods.


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